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About us

Our values

Erfrischend andersCompany name

The company name Napure is composed of the English words "nature" & "pure". The English expression was chosen because it has the same meaning in all four following languages: German, French, Italian and English: "pure nature" or NAPURE.

The claim "refreshingly different" stands for surprising new & different moments of enjoyment.

The exciting product selection comes whenever possible:

From Switzerland, for Switzerland or expressed differently:


A better and more sustainable world is important to us. With our products, we want to do our part.


  • Taste, quality & design (packaging & product)
  • Avoidance of added sugar
  • No preservatives (if possible)
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Enjoying nature, food, drinks & life


  • To become one of the leading Swiss B2B/B2C suppliers in the beverage
  • beverage & snack segment - REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT.


The team currently consists "only" of the managing director, Bea Graf.

However, Napure AG is always supported by friends, business partners and specialists in various areas, such as field service activities (on a freelance basis), website creation or social media activities, as well as promotional activities (on a mandate basis) etc.

Why was Napure AG founded?

Quite simple, Stephan Noletta, founder & owner of Napure AG, wanted to live his dream and do something good for people and the environment. Therefore, sustainable & regional products manufactured in Switzerland, which are packaged & shipped with as few resources as possible.


Packaging (Zero waste)

We use recyclable materials for shipping the goods, i.e. no plastic stuffing material, no plastic tape, no plastic cover for the delivery note. In addition, the shipping boxes are made of recycled material.

The material efficiency in relation to the classic product packaging materials has still not been answered conclusively, i.e. which of the following packaging materials is the most efficient: glass vs. aluminium vs. PET. One of them has a higher energy demand in production, the other one causes higher emissions due to the transport weight, and so on.

Furthermore, it also depends on how high the recycling rate of the population and/or the type of packaging is. For example, it is crucial how often a glass bottle can be used. The disposable glass bottle, for example, performs worst in the overall energy balance. See also the following report by the Observer: Oekobilanz-Getränkeverpackungen. What is right now?

Waste / Expired goods

We do not simply throw away our unsaleable goods, but give them free of charge to organisations such as the Schweizer Tafel or Incontro. These organisations can make good use of the products.

Ideas and/or suggestions for future partnerships are very welcome!


We try to make all deliveries to our end users (consumers/resellers) CO2 neutral. Wherever possible, we carry out our manufacturers' deliveries in a CO2-neutral manner.


We use sustainable energies (solar/water...). For example, the Napure offices are located in a building with 70 solar panels.